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This is the original version of the application ported to RiscOs by James Miskin. An earlier version has appeared on an Acorn User disc, but this version is much enhanced and has additional data supplied by several users.

32-bitA 32-bit version has been compiled by Steve Fryatt, and is available here


vers: 3.05 24/9/97

Download (444Kb)

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A simple font manager, this application allows you to add or remove groups of fonts from those available for use.

WhichFont window


This version uses path variables in Font$Path, in an attempt to avoid the 'Buffer Overflow' problems some people report. I would be interested to hear whether it does cure - or reduce - the problem.


vers: 1.02 31/3/01

Download (13Kb)


If you want to use !WhichFont, you need to arrange your collection of fonts into sensibly named directories.
This is quite easy to do yourself, but if you want a really quick and easy way to do it, download this program.
Just name your new directory, drag the icon to where you want it and a new font directory, with sprites matching your name, will be created ready for you to move your fonts.

NewFont window


vers:0.01 16/3/01

Download (6Kb)

Iyonix     Toolbox

Another handy little application which provides a Pause function for games running on the desktop. It simply pauses the Wimp when you click on the icon-bar icon, until SPACE is pressed


vers: 0.01 4-5-96

Download (3Kb)

Iyonix     Toolbox

This helps you calculate how to do lots of programmy things and look at and save the current WIMP sprites. (The strong man helps WIMP.)


vers: 1.00 1/6/95

Download (17Kb)


This is a desktop utility to let you gzip and gunzip files easily. It uses the standard executable but I don't like using the command line so I wrote this front end. The advantage of this desktop version is that you can easily specify where you want the output to go.

A SA-compatible version of the executable, by Peter Burwood, is included, which also works on earlier machines.


vers: 1.00 10/03/96

Download (84Kb)


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