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This provides a smarter icon-bar clock than Alarm and can be configured to display a variety of useful information, such as free disc space, time & date in the format of your choice and much more. This version allows several items to be displayed simultaneously, using up to three lines of text.

Several sample Config files are supplied.

In spite of its name, it will run on any machine with RO3.1 or later

Sample displays:        or  


vers: 1.12 2/06/06

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This is one for players in the Argonet ZFC Shanghai league: it allows you to create some blank space in the High Score table of various versions of Shanghai or Mahjong, while still keeping your best scores.


vers: 0.03 14/8/01

Download (9Kb)

Iyonix     Toolbox

This can be called from the !Run file of any application to check whether you really want to run it. (Particularly useful for !Voyager VIX mods!!)


vers: 0.02 2/5/98

Download (2Kb)

This is for programmers - like me - who end up with multiple copies of an application on their iconbar. It maintains a list of all the active tasks (except some which are crucially important, such as the TaskManager) and allows you to force all the copies of any app to quit with a single click.


vers:0.01 9-8-98

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A little app to display the current polls/sec of your m/c on the icon-bar

vers:1.01 14/11/97

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This is an application to help on those occasions when you KNOW the sprite you want to use is in memory. You just enter the sprite name and drag the icon to the directory where you wish to save it.


vers: 0.01 14/11/96

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Iyonix     Toolbox

This utility displays helpful information about template files.


vers: 1.00 29/1/93

Download (7Kb)


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