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This page is still under development, so some sections only display headings to show what is planned

Messages File
You must include a text file called Messages in your application.
The only essential line in this file contains


where !Appname is the name of your application.

Gadgets - Labelled Box
If you give the box a sprite label but don't enter a name for the sprite, you don't get a gap in the border

Shared Objects
You may want the same menu to be displayed in several ways - on clicking Menu on two different windows, for example. If so, you should ensure that the Menu object has the flag for 'Shared Object' set. You find this from the main ResEd window, select the object, then Menu -- > Edit -- > Object Flags.
If you omit to do this, two separate object will be created from the same template, one for each window: this leads to confusion, when selections made on one copy of the menu aren't reflected in the other.

Object Flags

Toolbox events

Window ID

Icon/Event numbering

You can use your own sprites in a window by including a file Sprites (as well as the obligatory !Sprites). But you must set the 'use client sprite area' flag in the 'Other Properties' window of ResEd for any window which is to use them.

Remember that you have to load whatever modules your program needs in its !Run file - using RMEnsure to make sure you don't duplicate modules already loaded.
Be selective: only load the modules your program actually uses, not the whole set - but remember to add any extra ones if you extend the program!
Typical lines might be:

   RMEnsure Toolbox 0.00 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.toolbox
   RMEnsure Toolbox 1.23 ERROR You need toolbox 1.23
   RMensure Window 0.00 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.window
   RMensure Window 1.17 ERROR You need window 1.17
   RMEnsure Menu 0.00 RMLoad
   RMEnsure Menu 0.13 ERROR You need menu 0.13
   RMEnsure ProgInfo 0.00 RMLoad System:modules.toolbox.proginfo
   RMEnsure Proginfo 0.00 ERROR You need proginfo

Example Programs