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These applications all require the Toolbox modules (!) and should run on all versions of RiscOS.Iyonix

This simply generates a very basic Toolbox application, with a name of your choice, setting up all the essential files which you can then edit to your requirements.


vers:0.04  19-12-02

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This is a library of routines to ease the use of the ToolBox from Basic. It does not yet claim to be comprehensive, but gives easy access to many of the ToolBox's most used facilities, and will be enhanced as time permits.


vers:1.07  8-12-2002

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This is another example of how simple a useful app. can be. It is for programmers - like me - who end up with multiple copies of an app. on their iconbar. It maintains a list of all the active tasks (except some which are crucially important, such as the TaskManager) and allows you to force all the copies of any app to quit with a single click.


vers:0.01   9-8-98

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