This application, for use with the Voyager VIX system gives you easy access to any number of directories and files on your disc. These might be used for saving e-mails in appropriate groups, for sorting saved news articles or for downloaded software.

In v2.01, the two strands of development have been brought together, with the presence of an icon-bar icon becoming configurable. The other big change is that a menu of actions can be attached to any button.
A special button can be used to find a news article from its number, thus avoiding much modulo76 arithmetic.

IMPORTANT: If upgrading, keep a copy of your Setup file

You can view the HTML help files here and download them (19K archive) to include in your copy of Voydirs, if you wish.



VIX for Voyager (19Kb)

Version: 2.01 20-12-03

Standalone (17Kb)

Version: 2.01 20-12-03

Previous version - Standalone 14Kb)

Version: 1.18 3-04-01

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