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This is for those of you not quite sure where to start in creating your new web pages.

Download the archive and decompress into a new directory. There is a simple HTML file which contains instructions on how to modify it for your own use, and which shows how you can let your visitors download items from your site. Once you have a simple site working, you can easily build on it.


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Here's the utility you always wanted to help choose colours for your web pages. It provides a front-end to Acorn's colour-picker module to help define 24bit colours.

You can now toggle the display between RiscOS, HTML and HTML-Netsafe formats, and auto-type your chosen colour directly where you need it. Colours can be sampled from any on-screen image, and can be added to ArtWorks colour tables. The hot-key for colour sampling can now be changed to avoid conflict with other utilities.

A palette file containing your defined colour can be saved for loading into PhotoDesk.


vers: v1.26 24-11-06

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Iyonix     Toolbox

Has your Web History file grown much too big? Does it contain out-dated references and references to local pages? Run TidyHstry and it will be tidied up to contain single references to successful visits.
There is a configurable list of sites to delete, and you can reduce the History file to the size of your choice.
The latest version features an Undo option, in case your tidying is too enthusiastic.


vers: 1.15 29.05.00

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A companion piece for TidyHstry, this Vix add-on for Voyager allows selected files to be deleted from your Fresco web cache, or a list (sorted or unsorted) of the files in the cache to be produced.
This version allows the file-type of files to be deleted to be specified, uses less memory and multi-tasks while tidying.
Files only over a certain size can also be selected for deletion.

In the best BBC manner, I should point out that other cache managers exist, which could suit your way of working better - this one is tailored to my particular needs. You may like to look at Frescache or Cacheman

TidyCache window


vers: 0.24 25.10.00

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