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The best free program for genealogy under RiscOs has to be !Family by Denis Howe. It generates Gedcom files that can be read by your PC-owning relatives, and can generate Draw files from them. Denis has handed on development of the program, and the latest version can be found on Andy Waddington's site . The latest stable version is 2.24.

!Family produces excellent drawfiles to display your tree. However, these can be difficult to manipulate and print as they become very large. You could look at my SplitDraw utility to help with this.

This application is designed to generate a linked set of HTML pages from a standard GEDCOM family-tree file. This can then either provide an alternative way of viewing the data, or can be uploaded to your web site to share with the world!

The structure created consists of a single page for each family group defined in the file - zero,one or two adults and zero or more of their children. Each person on a page is linked to any other pages where they feature - typically, one where they are a child and another where they are a spouse, although multiple marriages are handled correctly.

The index page lists all these family groups, and can be controlled, to some degree, from the Options window


vers: 0.15 18/1/2002

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Sometimes !Family is just too elaborate for your needs!
!ReadGed can be use to extract data from Gedcom files quickly and easily. Originally designed to answer questions like 'how is xxx related to me', it can show the ancestors or descendants of any individual in the file, or can be used to extract sub-trees from the whole file.

v0.26 has extra output options, including pedigree charts in table or circular form, and drawfiles of relationships.


vers:0.26 25/04/2008

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!Family has problems importing a few GEDCOM files produced by other programs. CheckGed will fix a number of common problems, without altering the stored data, and can also produce lists of all names, duplicated or unlinked names, which I find useful for tracking down errors in my data entry.

v0.14 checks for duplicated ID numbers, and corrects some IDs which will confuse !Family. The code has been made more efficient, speeding up checking of large files.


vers:0.14 12/01/08

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