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This page has information about some of my software that creates or manipulates Draw files.

The Draw files saved from some applications are much larger than necessary, with some objects having neither fill nor outline colour, text objects that are entirely spaces, groups containing a single object and, most seriously, each word or character of text appearing as a separate object, increasing the file size by 52 bytes per word! TidyDraw will process the file to remove all these unnecessary objects, giving a smaller file that is faster to display and manipulate.

The path bounding boxes are corrected if necessary: this is helpful with output from WMF-Draw, and directories of files can be processed. Any sprites in the file may be omitted: I use this to remove 'watermarks' from some pdf files.

v0.10 gives the user greater control of the joining of individual characters into words.


vers: 0.10   28-11-08

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Iyonix     Toolbox

This program allows users to generate shapes for use in !Draw (and any other application that accepts Drawfiles). The shapes supported at present include polygons, curved polygons, stars, spirals, cogs and various crosses and many more. The program is freeware. (Please e-mail me your suggestions for extra shapes.)
This version allows a free choice of line width.

Amazing example picture showing off my artistic talent ;-)

This picture was produced using !DrawLots


vers:2.36   5-06-08

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Iyonix     Toolbox

NOTE:If you are looking for a program to lay-out parking lots, you want to be at this address

Some web pages saved as Draw files are too large to print easily - SplitDraw will divide them into a number of files, whose size is configureable.
This version handles text areas, and checks the bounding boxes of the output files.

You can choose not to split paths between pages, as far as possible.

For reasons which are unclear, this version has not been released publically for over a year, although several users have had it: my apologies!


vers:0.11   12-2-05

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Iyonix     Toolbox

This program allows users to generate Drawfiles of patterns and borders from simple shapes.
This revised version can manipulate text contained within Draw files without needing to converting it to paths first.

And another!   And another!

These pictures were produced using !DrawRot. In the first, the text has been converted to paths before processing. In the second, the text is kept - this gives a smaller file, and the text remains editable.


vers: 1.04   16-2-03

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Iyonix     Toolbox

Another amazing example picture

This program allows users to generate simple animations from Drawfiles.
Click here (2Kb) or here (29Kb) to download sample draw files to show DrawAnim working.


vers: 2.00   13-1-98

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Iyonix     Toolbox

Remember those drawing things like Spirograph? This program allows users to generate drawfiles of these shapes.
v1.03 fixes a long-standing bug when saving the same pattern twice.

Example picture


vers: 1.03   11-11-07

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Iyonix     Toolbox