Graphics programs

This page has information about a number of graphics utilities. All of the software runs in the desktop and needs RO3 or later.

This is a useful application to let you view your Targa and PPM files. It allows multiple images to be displayed, uses a smaller wimpslot than !ChangeFSI and converts Targas into Sprites. It will also allow you to display deep sprites on pre-Risc OS 3.5 computers.


vers: 1.06 11/11/96

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These two applications let you convert between file formats. They will only run on RiscOS3.6 or later, or 3.5 with the JPEG version of SpriteExtend. You must also have v1.15 or later of !ChangeFSI available.
While this can be done directly, with !ChangeFSI, converting many files one-by-one is tedious - !ToJpeg and !ToPPM act on whole directory structures.

!ToJpeg converts between Sprite or Targa and JPEG formats, while !ToPPM converts between Sprite, Targa and PPM format.

!ToJpeg & !ToPPM

!ToJpeg v: 1.01 13/2/97

Download (7Kb)

!ToPPM v: 1.01 17/6/98

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Two more front-ends for Lee Noar's RiscOS ports, one to create FLI films from ppm files (as produced by POV3 or converted using my !ToPPM) and the other to split FLIs into separate frames. You will need the executables from Lee Noar's site

!MakeFli & !UnFli

vers:1.00 17/9/96

Download makeFLI (46Kb)

Download unFLI (9Kb)

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